The 007 Christmas Gift Guide 2021

For the second year in a row, I bring you a list of items that would make a fantastic present this Christmas for the James Bond fan in your life, without burning a hole in your wallet.

The James Bond Lexicon

If there is a must own for James Bond fans to own this year, it is The James Bond Lexicon: The Unauthorized Guide to the World of 007 in Novels, Movies and Comics. Spanning 1953 to 2019, this books charts the character of James Bond in various media to a total of 271 stories. Check out authors Alan J. Porter and Gillian J. Porter interviewed about their 6-year journey of research and writing this essential resource on the “Really, 007!” Podcast.

Fashioning James Bond

If the James Bond fan in your life has an interest in fashion, then this is the book to get them this Christmas. Author Llewella Chapman not only addresses the tailoring of costumes through the Bond films, but analyses the cultural significance of the times, function through tailoring, gender identity, and how the costumes have influenced us, the fans, to dress like Bond. Fascinating on numerous levels and an intense study of costuming in films in general.

James Bond Bingo

What could be more perfect for Christmas Day afternoon (aside from watching a Bond film) than a board game? Instead of opting for 007 Cluedo or 007 Monopoly, and causing a bickering argument, James Bond Bingo offers a more light-hearted alternative.

SIS Training Gear

Inspired by the tracksuit worn by James Bond in Skyfall, SIS Training Gear offer a full range of sportswear and casual clothing, carrying the SIS logo seen in the film. There is also their Spy Collection, featuring clothing and artwork inspired by numerous 007 films, such as a crew t-shirt of the Disco Volante from Thunderball or a t-shirt featuring the “Tresspassers Will Be Eaten” notice from Live And Let Die. Order before December 8th to receive on time for Christmas!

Vesper Martini Cocktail Shaker

Normally, the 007 Store is known for it’s high end brand, expensive merchandise or a cheaper trinkets plastered in the Gunbarrel and 007 logos. For a refreshing change comes this affordable and subtle cocktail shaker. Reasonably priced at £19.99, the stainless steel shaker is engraved with the Daniel Craig quote from Casino Royale, giving Ian Fleming’s Martini recipe from his original James Bond novel. Demand for this nice piece of bar kit is high, and it is selling fast.

Bond Cars: The Definitive History

For the “Petrol Head” James Bond fan comes this book by Jason Barlow, editor-at-large for BBC Top Gear Magazine. The book is filled with more than just specs on the cars that have featured in James Bond films, and also features storyboards, previously unpublished behind the scenes photography and exclusive interviews.

Playmobil Aston Martin DB5

Whether it is for a child who is becoming a Bond fan or an adult to add to their collection, the Playmobil replica of the Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger is a great choice to buy as a gift. The car features classic gadgets, including revolving number plates, rear bullet proof screen and ejector seat. As an accompaniment, also including are figures of James Bond, Auric Goldfinger, Oddjob and a Henchman. Currently on sale at a discount price on Amazon.

Artwork From Thunderspyart

What better way to spread joy at Christmas time than choosing a James Bond related gift for a loved one and also supporting a talented member of the Bond Community? If you head over to ThunderSpyArt‘s Etsy store, you can purchase his various works; including a retro inspired poster for No Time To Die and fashion collages of various Bond actors, including Sean Connery in Goldfinger and Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.

The London Sock Exchange

Following on from their successful first wave of 007 inspired socks, a second series of socks has been released by The London Sock Exchange. As pictured from left to right; The Scaramanga, The Commander, The Klebb, The Stavro, The Baron and The Jump are available as a complete set for £60, or two sets of 3 for £30 each. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a gift of socks.

No Time To Die

Of course, the most obvious gift that Bond fans will be receiving this Christmas is the 25th film of the franchise, No Time To Die. With it’s physical media release coming just ahead of Christmas Day, I’m sure sales will be booming, so it would make sense to preorder your copy now; available on DVD, Blu-ray, 4K and Steelbook from December 20th.

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